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Explore our Fence Buying Guide for important considerations prior to starting the design and layout of your fence project.

When starting to think about a fence design and construction project, a number of aspects should be considered that can, and often do affect the selection.

Before starting a fence design project, be sure to consider how the new fence will be used and the ultimate purpose of the fence.

This answer will help you understand and narrow down which type and style of fence will work best for your property.

Various types of fences serve different purposes depending on your needs. Some fences provide property protection and isolation such as swimming pool fences, privacy fences and shadowbox fences, while other, such as perimeter fences identify and protect personal property lines.

Some fences can serve the ultimate need of protection and security while adding elegance and a traditional rich look to your property and accentuate the design and landscaping features of your home and garden. The aluminum and wrought iron fences are generally used in such cases.

Second, during the fence layout process, be mindful of any restrictions that may affect the selection and building the fence.

Some neighborhood associations have restrictions on style, placement and size of fencing. Homeowners association guides generally are a great place to check for any fencing restrictions.

Another important thing to check is the deed for easements. Various easement restrictions can limit the design, location, and size of your fence.

It’s also important to discuss your fence constructions plans with neighbors adjacent to your property.

Prior to the construction of the fence, homeowners should always check and confirm the property lines in order to ensure that the fence is installed within your property perimeters.

At Penrod Lumber and Fence Company, we carry a wide variety of fences that meet every individual’s unique fencing needs. During the initial fence consultation, our team of professionals take their time to understand your unique needs and expectations, and, in turn, design a style of fence that best fits your desire, purpose, and property needs.

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