Commercial Fences By Penrod Lumber And Fence Company

Commercial Fences including Security Fences, Perimeter Fences, Construction Area Fences, Prison Fences, Privacy Fences and Razor Wire Fences.

At Penrod Lumber and Fence Company, we design and install many types of commercial fencing all throughout the southeastern United States. Over the last three decades, our projects have ranged from extensive high security prison razor wire fences and retirement homes security fences to coal mine reclamation perimeter fences and strip mine perimeter fences.

Our professional fencing installation crews rely on years of experience and the latest, state-of-the-art installation equipment, allowing them to perform the most complicated installation projects in a professional, timely manner with the highest dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our commercial fencing options include:

  • Security Fences
  • Perimeter Fences
  • Construction Area Fences

Depending on project specifications and location, fences can be constructed out of various materials including wood, wire, razor wire, aluminum, or vinyl.

Over the years we have completed thousands of commercial fencing projects. Contact our professional installation team today for a free quote and to schedule a design consultation in order to identify what type of fence is the right fit for your commercial fencing project.


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Horse Farm Fences

Signature 4-board Horse Fences, V-Mesh, No-Climb, and Vinyl Board Fences

Ranch/Farm Fences

Wire Fences, Electrified Wire, 4-board Horse Fences, V-Mesh, No-Climb Fences

Residential Fences

Privacy Fences, Swimming Pool Fences, Picket Fences, Aluminum, and Vinyl Fences

Commercial Fences

Security, Perimeter, Construction, Razor-Wire, Privacy, Vinyl, and Aluminum Fences

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