Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to pick a fence style that compliments my home and landscaping?

Ultimately, when selecting a fence, your final choice should depend on the style of fence that you yourself find appealing. When considering the design of the fence in relation to the style of your home and landscaping, there are a number of fences to choose from.

Wrought iron fences and aluminum fences provide your home and landscaping with a rich, traditional look and add a great architectural feature to your property.

Wood picket fences are a great, cost-effective fencing solution and generally evoke the feeling of an English cottage garden.

What are the advantages of vinyl fences?

Vinyl fencing provides a beautiful and low maintenance fence solution for any property. Vinyl fencing is safe to use on any property around animals and children as the fence doesn’t splinter, rust, crack or scratch.

Some quality vinyl fences are designed to resemble traditional wood fences which provides home owners with the desired traditional wood fence look without the maintenance hassles.

What are the advantages of aluminum fences?

Many aluminum fences are design to resemble the look of traditional wrought iron fences but without the expensive ticket prices. Aluminum fences are less prone to rust and extremely durable. These fences provide a great solution for swimming pool enclosures and general property privacy.

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