Professional Fence And Lumber Services

Penrod Lumber and Fence Company offers professional services including Fence Painting, Fence Material Sales, and Product Selection

Fence Painting

At Penrod Lumber and Fence Company, we provide fence painting services on new and existing fences. As fences weather, it is extremely important to maintain and service the fence in order to guarantee the long lasting functionality and beauty of the fence over it’s lifetime. At Penrod, we are dedicated to the highest quality customer satisfaction and product selection, which is why we carry only the highest quality paints with the best fence painting systems available in the industry. Our Fencecoat and Flexcoat paints are safe to use on residential and farm fences because the paints do not contain any lead products and will not rub off. Paints are available in white and black colors, and dry with a glossy finish.

Contact our professional fence painting team today and see how you can renew the beautiful look of your fence.

Fence Materials and Supplies

We carry a complete inventory of fencing products necessary for fence construction and maintenance. Our wide inventory selection includes everything from wood fencing materials such as oak fence boards, treated boards, creosote fence boards, treated pine posts to wired fence products such as barbed wire and woven wire.

Also, as part of our Simpsonville, Kentucky location, we provide a complete selection of hardware products necessary for your fence building projects. Some of our inventory items include rough lumber, treated lumber, posts, raw fence materials, gates, gate operators and much more, including:

Barn Materials

Stall Grills & Doors, Stall Feeders, Door Track & Hinges, Metal & Wood Siding, Tongue and Groove Lumber, Treated and General Construction Lumber

Fence Supplies

Gate Hinges & Latches ( residential, agricultural and commercial), Fence Pickets, Farm Fence Boards, Farm Fence Wire, Farm Fence Post, Fence & Barn Paint, Chain Link Fence Materials, Dog Kennels

General Hardware

Large assortment of bolt, nail and screw fasteners, Plumbing Supplies, Electrical Supplies

Explore Our Line Of Fence Products

Horse Farm Fences

Signature 4-board Horse Fences, V-Mesh, No-Climb, and Vinyl Board Fences

Ranch/Farm Fences

Wire Fences, Electrified Wire, 4-board Horse Fences, V-Mesh, No-Climb Fences

Residential Fences

Privacy Fences, Swimming Pool Fences, Picket Fences, Aluminum, and Vinyl Fences

Commercial Fences

Security, Perimeter, Construction, Razor-Wire, Privacy, Vinyl, and Aluminum Fences

Does Your Fence Need Painting?

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