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Horse and Farm Fences, including 4-Board Horse Fences, V-Mesh Horse Fences, No-Climb Horse Fences, Vinyl Fences and Wire Fences

4-Board Horse Fences

At Penrod Lumber and Fence Company, we have a long-standing tradition of building quality horse fencing. We specialize in 4-Board Farm and Ranch fence construction. These types of fences add a great look to any property. Over the last two decades, our crews have built miles of fence all across the continental US stretching from northeast to the southern tip of Florida and the west coast. Our company has grown to include a large fleet of trucks and a network of fence crews that build quality, custom fences with our advanced installation techniques in every area of the country.

V-Mesh Horse Fences

A V-Mesh Horse Fence features heavy, twisted horizontal cables, with each cable consisting of two wires on 4” spacing from ground to top. Vertical wires, securely wrapped around each horizontal cable, run diagonal to make a diamond pattern and thus form the strongest fence construction possible. The close spacing prevents hooves and legs from becoming caught in the fence and keeps predatory animals from penetrating the barrier.

No-Climb Horse Fences

The No-Climb Horse Fence is closely woven using 2”X4” vertical mesh pattern has been specifically designed to prevent animals from “stepping through” or “walking down” the fence. The fence is finished in a bright, galvanized coating and requires virtually no maintenance.

The No-Climb Fence’s flexible construction makes this fence ideal for installation over hilly terrains or rolling meadows. The fence’s strength and narrow “no-climb” mesh pattern are purposely designed to withstand the most vigorous conditions.

Fence Painting Services

At Penrod Lumber and Fence Company, we provide fence painting services on new and existing fences. As fences weather, it is extremely important to maintain and service the fence in order to guarantee the long lasting functionality and beauty of the fence over it’s lifetime.

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