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Many cattle farmers prefer using wire for their fencing needs, as wire is more economical for cattle than board fence. Cattle wire fences come in three type of forms, including barbed wire, woven wire, and smooth high tensile, or a combination of the three.

Barbed Wire

The barbed wire fence is the most economical fence option and is used on farms for cattle containment. The fence is usually designed in three strands that stretch on wood posts with added metal t-posts in between for higher stability and spacing. Due to the nature of the barbed wire, cattle usually do not approach the wire after the initial encounter.

Smooth High-Tensile Wire

The high tensile fence is designed similar to the barbed wire fence using several strands of a smooth wire stretched and spaced 6” apart, and attached to wood posts. Depending on the spacing of the primary posts, spacers are used to maintain the consistent spacing between the wire strands. Because the wire is manufactured from a high strength alloy, it is very durable and highly resistant to breakage. Due to the nature of the design and strength of the wire, the high tensile wire fence is virtually impossible for cattle to penetrate and costs less then woven wire. Smooth high tensile wire can also be electrified for increased reliability.

Woven Wire

Woven wire is traditionally used to maintain cattle but can also be used for other livestock including hogs, sheep and some exotic animals. Woven wire can also be used in the combination with other wire for increased durability. Occasionally a single strand of barbed wire is placed at the top line of the woven wire fence in order to prevent the cattle from “riding down” the woven wire fence.

Woven wire can be used in conjunction with board fences in order to serve as a better fence for large pets such as dogs. This combination is also helpful to provide limited access of vermin into pasture areas.

When designing a woven wire fence, the wire can be stretched with even spacing from top to bottom or tighter from the bottom of the fence leading up to a wider gaps toward the top of the fence.

Fence Painting Services

At Penrod Lumber and Fence Company, we provide fence painting services on new and existing fences. As fences weather, it is extremely important to maintain and service the fence in order to guarantee the long lasting functionality and beauty of the fence over it’s lifetime.

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